Jocelyn get her inspirations from nature and plants. She loves to observe the texture and shapes of the foliage and petals. She draws the details with watercolour on paper and designed a series of unique and beautiful shapes. When drawing the plants, she found that the watercolour marks created a special effect in which she wants to bring out onto her collection and make it as three-dimensional pieces; designing a graceful colour palette of watercolour and detailed patterns.


By using laser cutting, the unique shapes on the paper can be created after painting these colours and patterns on it. The repeated laser cut elements are individually attached piece by piece with hands transformed it into a variety of delicate three-dimensional forms. Her inspiration from the plants allows her to use stainless steel wire to build up fluid lines, integrated with paper units and creates an exquisite and feminine collection of contemporary jewellery. Each piece has its own unique design, and each paper element has a detailed pattern with colour; it will appear as a beautiful three-dimensional effect by rotating the paper unit.



J o c e l y n  H e